Catholic Masculinity - Discipline

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In session 6 , we talk about Discipline including the practices of self-denial, self-control, and the virtue of temperance.  We must discipline ourselves first before we receive the fruits of our labors.


Please pardon my absence from the blog for the past few months, but we here at Fix the Family practice what we teach.  I have a highly seasonal occupation that “taxes” my time the first 4 months of the year as well as the end of every year, and my family is totally dependent upon my occupation for its sustenance so that my wife can tend to the higher matters of being a wife and mother in the home and is not distracted by outside employment.  Nevertheless, I am back.  Incidentally, this also comes at a time when my first book will be soon published and available to you, and that has occupied a great deal of my time with the Apostolate as well, in addition to the normal duties of being a husband and father for my wife and children.  Be sure to also LIKE our Facebook page and follow us there.  This is our principal marketing and outreach vehicle, and we are always posting and sharing relevant content there even during my busy seasonal time.  All is well at the Citadel I am happy to report, and we are progressing through life in dramatic fashion. 

That being said, my 3rd son is graduating from high school next month.  So, as has become a bit of a tradition in our family, we together went yesterday to acquire a cell phone for him, what I call a “not-smart phone,” or what he says is properly called a “basic phone.”   Yes, he is about to be 18 years old and is now getting his first cell phone which is not a smart phone.  Now I know that will strike the world with sheer amazement and disbelief, but this is part of the method to the process we have in raising our children.  No we do not go the way of the world, and by the time they get a cell phone, they really need one.  I realize that parents who send their children to school feel a justification for them having one, but I’m still not convinced about the need for smart phone except from a peer pressure standpoint which is not justifiable.  I can see no way in justifying the astronomical cost of a smart phone (principally the monthly data service charges) for what simply amounts to be a toy.  Strong deliberate parents should heed this example.  For those ADULT children still under my care (and roof) we’ve found a good compromise for those interested in the wireless data connectivity to be a non-phone device (i-pod touch) that uses wi-fi when available that won’t require monthly data service charges.

So we went to one of the big service providers yesterday, or several I should say, and picked up for him a non-smart/basic phone.  So the young lady who was probably in her early 20’s started asking questions.  She was complimentary in a parent bringing his son at nearly 18 years old to get a phone and not diving in to the i-phone 7 immediately.  I thanked her, and pointed out it is our method to gradually step into and through things of this nature more later than earlier.  She went on to say she had served a mother earlier in the day who was purchasing an i-phone 7 for her 12-year-old daughter, par for the course in America.  (Incidentally, I have never owned an Apple product more than a week [0 compatibility and 100% proprietary were my principal issues], but I was holding Apple stock when the i-phone first came out and made a killing.)  So, in her questioning she asked if he had a job.  He said “yes.”  She said that was good.  She asked who he worked for; he told her.  She said that was good.  I interjected with a question of if they were hiring.  That took her by surprise, and she hesitatingly said “Well…yes, but I believe you have to have a degree to work here.”  I was all astonishment.  I literally LOL’d (laughed out loud) in a cell phone outlet.  I said “WHAT?!  You have to have a degree to sell cell phones?”  Then I asked her “How do you use your degree in this job?”  She said frankly and matter-of-fact-ly “My degree has nothing to do with this job.  I was a political science/government major.”

BINGO! ladies and gentlemen.  Yes, graduation season is upon us and it give us a great opportunity to consider those profound points in our article 6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College.   The value of a college degree has been severely depleted in addition to those 8 reasons, so much so that to work retail for some outlets it is “required.”  I know my son currently graduating from high school would easily be able to do that job quite proficiently since my brilliant wife has done such a magnificent job of educating him for the last 12 years. 

It turns out that the brilliant logic I presented in 6 Reasons, which obviously escaped many people (mostly women) and drew great vitriol and anger, was actually spot on.   A friend recently alerted me to a homily given by a devout Catholic Priest called The Errors of Russia:  Their Plan and the Plan of Heaven.  I encourage everyone reading this to stop here and listen to this homily.  It is less than 23 minutes long.  If that is too much to ask, I would say to start listening at about the 14:00 point.  Here he gets into warning the Catholic faithful of my Reason #2.  The homily is oriented around an over century-long process to destroy the Catholic Church carried out by Communists in conjunction with Masons.  Their 2-prong attack is to corrupt the Priesthood and corrupt women.  They are carrying out a revolution with the use of sexuality, thus the sexual revolution.  This was discovered by Masonic documents that were given to the Holy See in the 1800’s, and the popes ordered that the plans be published. 

Toward the corruption of women’s morals, it was noticed that it was very difficult to get women to compromise themselves alone.  But when placed in a group setting where the appearance was that all the women were sexually promiscuous, it became much easier.  One of the main settings where this was carried out was on college campuses.  Some key quotes that all Catholic parents should ponder regarding the decision to send their children to college are as follows:

  1. A student resident assistant (RA) at Loyola University in Chicago, a Catholic University, told her professor when he stated that sexual activity by the students was voluntary and not obligatory, “Doctor your are mistaken…The peer pressure, and the way things are set up make promiscuity practically obligatory.  It doesn’t matter what the school says officially; the rules are there to be broken.  This freedom can make girls dizzy and unsure about whatever else they believe about saving one’s self for marriage.  When it seems like everyone else is doing it, it is hard to say no.  I deal with it…everyday as an RA.” (17:90-18:30)
  2. In most American college co-ed dorms the flesh of our daughters is being served up daily like snack jerky. The gates are wide open, and no guards have been posted.  (18:30-19:05)
  3. The sex carnival that is college life today is also doing great damage to our sons’ characters.  I’m witnessing a perceptible dissipation of manly virtue in the young men I teach.  I’m prepared to ask whether America might not be lost because a great middle class was persuaded that they must send their children to college with no questions asked when in fact this is the near equivalent of committing their sons and daughters to one of the circles of Dante’s Inferno.  Lenin is absolutely right.  The success of a revolution depends on the degree of participation by women.   (19:05-19:41)

You see in my initial article, there is no sexism there.  What I was saying is reflected in these points made by a devout Priest.  Now the most common objections to the article we received from Catholics were 2-fold.  First, parents claimed that they were sending their daughters to college “just in case” they were abandoned or widowed.  So the claim was that they would just get a degree for the purpose of being “educated” but then not get a job and instead commit themselves to their families.  However, we can see that this rarely actually happens because they feel they need to make use of the degree that they worked so hard to get.  They further justify this saying a recent pope said that women’s contribution to society is necessary.  So is it worth offering their flesh up to undeserving college boys “just in case” and to contribute to society?  Parents this must be considered.  There are other ways to replace income in the case of a loss.  Are we that covetous that we have to sacrifice our morals in order to attempt ensure an income.  Doesn’t the Church place poverty above immorality?   Maybe a family would have to struggle.  There is great virtue in that.  Are women so prideful that they insist they must make a “contribution” to society and sacrifice their prime childbearing years?  Parents, think on these things.

Then the other common objection is why I did not apply these objections to boys.  Well, many of those objections do apply except that men and women are as different as our anatomies.  Our place in life bears that out.  Husbands are tasked with providing for their families.  In some cases a degree is necessary.  When it is, extreme caution should be taken when embarking upon this reality.  Commuter colleges and community colleges are much better settings for young Catholic men who MUST get a degree for the vocation to which God is calling them.  But as for women, the common justifications are just plain false.  The young ladies end up losing their purity, getting their degrees, and entering the workforce.  They get married eventually, and their husbands are not manly enough to know their wives should not work.  They depend on both incomes so their childbearing is further suppressed. 

Catholics, understand the Communists' plan has been orchestrated and executed quite successfully.  The average Catholic’s lifestyle is just as pagan as the world’s.  The problem is that most Catholics are doing nothing to resist it but are diving headlong into it by way of their children.  It’s time to wake up and realize Catholics really are called to be different and not conform to the ways of the world.  Or you could just go with the flow and watch your child get a prestigious job selling cell phones at Verizon.

God bless you+


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What is a Catholic Man's Purpose?

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The Catholic man is not made for this world, not living to be steeped in its pleasures.  We are meant to change the world, to make it more pleasing to Christ.


Let’s talk about purpose.  What’s our purpose?  Okay, you young guys over here, you ever think about that? What’s my purpose?  Why am I here?  Is it just to jump out into the world as soon as we can and just “go with the flow” like an amoeba? Just to float along?  Because “the flow” isn’t going to take you to a real good place. 

Is the worldliness, we have the capital sin of covetousness. That’s about wanting too many monetary or too many physical things, being steeped in the pleasures.  If that’s our main focus, if we think that’s our purpose, how are we going to change the world? Sing some Clapton with me: “If I could change the world…” That’s right.  Don’t we want to change the world? We see it all up here, we see the problems.  Are we going to be an agent of change?  Because if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  We see the problems in the Church that are out there, and Venerable Fulton J. Sheen said, “Who’s going to change the Church? Who’s going to bring the Church back? Who’s going to fix the Church?” Who did Bishop Sheen say?  The laity.  Not the priests, not the bishops, not the cardinals, not the pope. Us.  How are we going to do that? 

I got this highlighted in my notes.   If we are more steeped in pleasures, then we surrender control over. We get to be out of control.  Because as I said we become part of somebody else’s plan, and they have not much planned for you.  So a lot of times a lot of these trinkets, gadgets, go fun things and all, somebody wants you to part with your dollars and part with your time for them to be on the receiving end of that.  And that’s what I’m saying, you’re handing over control.  If you don’t have it planned out, “I’m going to spend X amount of time, and I’m going to spend X amount of money doing this for my recreation.”  But if we just give into impulses, we give into emotions, and we just go and do, then we’re over-extended on time, and we’re over-extended on money.

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Today's Catholic man needs to stir things up and bring his Faith out into the world that sorely needs.  There are so many things we can do if we only have the desire and the courage.  Pope Francis said "I want people to go out."  


I don’t want to crash everyone’s party but Father was here the other night and at the pulpit the other day saying “it was a nice time whenever everything was hunky dory and we could kick up our feet and relax, but those days are over.” 

What else do we have to do? What else is on the tripod? Action. Action. What are we going to do? Do we know enough to teach other people? Can we start a blog that’s going to reach people? Can you maintain it?  Can you keep it going?  Can you keep pushing content out?  We have some tech-savvy people in here.  But do you have the content to put it out there? If you’re not there yet, social media.  Let me plug and ‘Fix The Family’ on Facebook.  You want to shake up your friends? Shake up your friend list? Share.  Just share  Go to our page and share.  There’s stuff we’re putting out there that no other Catholic site is putting out because they don’t want to touch it.  But is it important to you, enough for you to share that way it might make your friends kind of question something?  You don’t have to argue with them.  If they want to ask questions, then answer the questions.  But if they just want to throw darts, then be a man. Take the darts.  That was on that masculinity thing we listened to, just take it.  Look at Our Lord.  What happened to Him? That’s going to happen to you if you stand up for this.  So take whatever they got.  Like I told a guy the other day, “That’s all you got? Is that it? Done?”

On that note, that’s called evangelizing. That’s kind of a word that is kind of maybe not too understandable, a little bit intangible. “Let’s go evangelize.”  Days of St. Paul.  But today the market place and the gathering place is in social media.  That’s where people are hanging out.  That’s where you can make a difference. That’s evangelizing.

The other things that are really heavy right now: pro-life activities.  Those of y’all that are older, that can get around on your own, go get involved in the pro-life movement, in these rallies.  And there’s people that are doing a lot of educating and making a big difference on that.  The TFP (, the witness that they stand up for in morality, doing some very heavy duty work.  They are always looking for new people, get involved and go do something. Pope Francis: he said make a mess, make some noise.  Do not conform.  That’s the modernism thing we were hearing about, whenever you just “live and let live” and don’t ever say anything.  Do not conform. This is what Pope Francis said in Rio when he was at World Youth Day. He said, “What are the consequences? Expect to be the consequences of World Youth Day? I expect a mess.  There will be one.  There will be a mess here in Rio.  There will be, but I want a mess in the dioceses.  I want people to go out.  I want the Church to go out to the street.  I want us to defend ourselves against everything that is worldliness, that is insulation, that is comfortableness…” Remember what I said, satan wants you lazy? “…That is clericalism, that is being shut in on ourselves.  The parishes, schools, institutions exist to go out.”

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"Thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church..." (Matthew 16:18) Jesus Christ declared St. Peter the visible head of the Catholic Church, but this commission was prefigured long before Our Lord spoke these words.  Similarly, we find that this commissioning is a calling for all husbands to establish holy Catholic patriarchies within their homes, making themselves the rock upon which their domestic church is built.