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A common criticism of men today is that we lack commitment.  Here we consider what it means to honor commitments as well as consider what we are to commit to in the way of identifying a purpose and ordering our actions toward intended specific results.


Catholic Manhood Today

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Announcing Catholic Manhood Today, Citadel Catholic Media's first published book.

Get Catholic Manhood Today here


Get Catholic Manhood Today here


Get Catholic Manhood Today here

Catholic Manhood Today is the Handbook for young men that describes predominant masculine traits we naturally possess, how to develop them, and how to implement them into the basic roles of society. With numerous references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Scripture, the masculine virtues of strength, training, commitment, focus, standards, discipline, and faith are laid out with real-life examples and stories. Then those virtues are applied to the most basic and fundamental interest of young men: relationships. As the young man matures and moves from a son in a home to a man in the world he works to become independent, then interdependent forming various relationships. Then he aims to form an intimate relationship with a spouse, leading her, then becoming a father, and guiding those children of his own.

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American Catholic Marxism

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The disintegration of the family today, even among Catholics, is no accident but actually an orchestrated attack in order to destroy the Church Herself by Communists and Masons.  Listen to these errors and see if they sound familiar.  Now is the time to reject cultural Marxism and return to traditional marriage roles. Based on Catholic Priest's sermons at


Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Fix the Family. My name is Raylan Alleman, and we are bringing you truth without compromise for the family. Welcome to our blog edition. A little Quick Fix for you, the unplugged edition of Fix the Family here on this May 26, 2016. And if you’ve followed us for the past six years or so you realize that the crux of our message pretty much is that God has a design for the family.  And that is a traditional lifestyle of the traditional roles of male and female, the husband being the head and the wife being the heart, and she is submissive to him, and the whole matter of the mother raising her own children and all those things.  When we follow that design, it’s just amazing. We have so many families we know across a wide spectrum of people, that when you follow that design, you’re going to have some good success. And whenever you decide to go opposite, you’re going to have some problems, pretty much no matter who you are or what financial class you’re in or any of those things.

And we’ve noticed that. We’ve lived that, and we’ve seen a bunch of other people that are following the ways of the world that are having loads and loads of problems, even though they might try to do their spirituality right, try to do their religion right.  They’re not living right in their families and they have very many problems. So here we are presenting this message to you, to try to share that with you so that we don’t make those similar mistakes and have those kind of problems. We’ve got some video in production now that is going to shed some more light on this but if you go to this website,, there’s a priest on there that they have uploaded his homilies from past few years, some at least 10 years old. And we’re going to put those links in here on the description, so that you can get to them.  But if you go there and you go to the search box and put in “Russia” there are three different homilies, the country “Russia,” and he lays out pretty much an agenda that has come out in order to destroy the Church. The twofold attack there is on the priesthood and on the family. And so we obviously pay more attention to that one that is an attack on the family.  And what we have there is pretty much a hundred year old plus, hundred-plus year old agenda that has been orchestrated quite effectively to disintegrate the family. And it was done by Communists acting through the Masons. 

What I want to do in this, we’re going to explore this in depth over these next few Quick Fixes, but what I just want to do here is to outline eight particular points.  You can go through the catalogue through the portfolio of our YouTube videos and through our blog and you can see if any of this sounds familiar.  But there are eight attack points by these Marxists, and although we don’t necessarily practice Communism in this country politically full bore, I mean we’re moving in that direction obviously in the United States, cultural Marxism is here. Just listen to this. I got it for you, and this was culled from a work by Friedrich Engels.  Mr. Engels was the coauthor with none other Karl Marx of The Communist Manifesto, so he was his partner.  But he also did an additional work called The Origin of Family, Private Property, and the State. And this is in 1884, 1884. And these were the eight points culled from that work of their attack, their agenda that they wanted to put into place:

  1. Women must be able to work in the factories on an equal basis with men.
  2. Divorce must be made free and easy.
  3. Definite roles of the two sexes must be eliminated.
  4. The notion of woman as housekeeper must be eliminated, and housework must be seen as an industry.
  5. Childcare must be turned over to the community.
  6. The stigma and even the concept of illegitimacy has to be eliminated.
  7. The definition of family has to be made flexible and open.
  8. Sexual activity should be unrestrained.

Now we can see that all of these eight elements are pretty much the norm, pretty much the norm in the United States of America and most of the western world.  Not only that but we have Catholics, good Catholics who are quite often seen practicing those eight items, those eight practices of Marxism. So here we have Catholic American Marxism pretty much as the norm in our culture and we wonder why we have problems. It’s not an accident. It’s an agenda, and it has been orchestrated effectively. We’re going to explore these more in depth on some future quick fixes, but the time is now to reject these errors that have been thrust upon us, that have been woven into our society.

So come back and see us for some more here at Fix the Family. Thanks for coming by. God bless you.




Obama Mandate Produces Urgency for Catholic Homeschooling

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The American Muslim sympathizer in chief has ordered  that federal funds be withheld from government schools that don't accommodate use of female restrooms by  "transgender" males.  This is an urgent call from Catholic dads to protect our daughters.  Homeschooling is the answer.


Hello everyone welcome back to Fix the Family. My name is Raylan Alleman and we are bringing you truth without compromise for the family. 

This is your unplugged version, our quick fix, little blog video edition, on this May 19, 2016.  That’s correct, the beginning of the 2016 season, our seventh season that we’re starting with this particular video here.  And unfortunately, people, we have a very grave matter to discuss in this video, because about a week or so ago, maybe a little less, the United States czar, I can’t refer to him as a president, but the Muslim sympathizer, Barack Hussein Obama put forth a directive that federal funds be withheld from those public schools that would not allow for transgender use of either restroom of their choice of these particular individuals.  This is what is going on in the United States school system, or what is being proposed.

And look, here this is not a news program, we don’t do politics in general, but this particular matter is grave and it affects the family, it affects innocent children. And so we have to bring that to your attention and propose a way for Catholic families, for Catholic men to deal with it. So what we have going on is a definite agenda.  I don’t want to assess the abilities of the particular man who occupies the White House right now, but it appears to me that he operates pretty much as a pawn of an agenda that is much bigger than he is.  So this is not anything that is going to end anytime soon.  And understand we do need to address this politically. So men we do need to be involved politically in this, and some of the states have already addressed this.  And they’re adding by the day; they’re adding to the number.  Our particular governor who appears to have been sold out since we lost our good Catholic governor, Bobby Jindal, to term limits.  The current governor has said nothing about it; however, we have a very good Catholic Attorney General, Jeff Landry, who has addressed this situation.  And let me give you his assessment of what he calls this particular situation.  He says:

“The Obama administration irresponsibly creates an environment in which children may be more easily exposed to sexual predators. Furthermore these irresponsible and illegally promulgated rules place the mental well-being and privacy rights of 99% of Louisiana’s children at risk [and that all of our country’s children, but he’s dealing with Louisiana] without any demonstrable evidence of benefit to the less than 1% of the population this policy purports to benefit.”

Now that is a warning from a legal standpoint of the situation that we are in.  How much more grave is the threat from a moral standpoint? Dads, Catholic dads, this is in the United States, we have viewers around the world, but in the United States here, dads  we’ve been telling you, you can look through our portfolio of YouTube videos about protecting our daughters, protecting our wives and daughters.  We are the head of the house to be able to protect, not to oppress but to protect.  What’s going on with this man in Washington, that’s oppression, that’s political tyranny.  But first and foremost, state of emergency, we have to protect our kids.

Part of our platform has been homeschooling.  How much more of a reason now, immediate reason, to homeschool.  At least, we’re at the end of the school year here, lay the ground work and get ready to homeschool your children the next school term at the very least.  They are in danger with what is being proposed now.  Because it isn’t going to just stop with this president.

We’re going to come to you with some video and some content on what has been over 100-year agenda of what’s going on right now. It’s blatantly, plainly obvious of what’s going on.  It’s part of a very long term plan of the enemies of God and the enemies of the Church to destroy the Church by destroying the family.  We are here to address that.  So first and foremost protect your children. Homeschool your children. Protect your daughters.

You’ve got your Targets of the world.  You can just decide not to go shop there. But these kids are in these schools, and they have to use these facilities. If this kind of thing goes on and goes through they will be exposed. So we as dads need to protect our Children.

That’s the Quick Fix for today.  As far as season 7 and what we’ve got coming forward: What is virtually complete that we have been talking about for a long time is Catholic Manhood Today.  This the first book that we are going to publish. It is a primer for the 20-something young man, Catholic young man.  It gives a lot of the virtues of manhood, of masculinity and how to place them into the relationships growing from adolescence into adulthood, and becoming a leader throughout the home and the community.  So that’s going to be coming to you.

We also have a video coming very soon of the Citabelles.  The Citabelles are back.  They did a great video on the book See You in Heaven. I just reviewed that, and that’s going to go into production so that we can put that in clips for you to easily digest and easily have.  The ladies did an excellent job with that video.

Coming up also is going to be video production, we are going to redo our original platform of The Family Matters and the revised version of that is going to be called Catholic Family Today.  We’re going to have that whole thing updated and fresh and available on DVD.  So what you want to do as far as the book Catholic Manhood Today, it’s going to be coming out, should be toward the end of May, early June.  Watch the website.  Watch the Facebook page.  It’ll be available at almost exclusively.  So easy purchase there for you.  A great book that’s going to address a void for Catholic masculinity in today’s world, in today’s terms with an immediate urgency to get that addressed.

Keep coming back to us.  Thanks for coming by. God bless you.


It's OK to be a Woman

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I have great news for you ladies out there:  It’s OK to be a woman.  Actually, in many cases it’s a wonderful thing.  If that’s the gender in which God created you, it’s a beautiful thing to be a woman.  It appears that at least in the Western world today, being a woman is just totally unfair, and instead you have to be just like a man.  And if you can’t be just like a man, you have to join a brigade of militant feminists to fight for your rights to be just like a man.  Why, after all you should even be able to go and die for your country if you feel so inclined.

The problem with all these agenda of the militant feminists is that they are hostile to those women (most) who wish to just be ladies.  This has taken on all sorts of manifestations in all spheres of society.  A little girl is immediately sent to school once she is a certain age to begin the indoctrination.  She will start out in pre-school and may wish to play with a baby doll which is natural but then is forced to play with a tractor that she really has no interest in.  During the course of her academic career she my feel in her heart that she wants to be a wife and mother in the home as our Church elevates, but she will be humiliated and coerced into choosing a field of study that will propel her into a “fulfilling and lucrative career” so that she won’t have to depend on her husband.  If she manages to hold to her convictions and does find a man who will value her femininity to marry and they live as the Church teaches being open to children and having a large family society will look down on her as a second rate citizen.  Oh, but those types won’t have the courage to say so to her face.  They are polite up front.  When asking a committed full-time wife and mother what she does and receiving the response, they will say something like “Oh, that’s so good” with a polite smile, while really thinking in the back of their minds “Oh that poor, poor woman.  She’s trapped.”  They see her as second rate because she is not producing an income.  They would never say that.  They will accuse the husband as seeing her as second rate because he is “forcing” her to stay home and not “allowing” her to go out and work.

These are all defense mechanisms that naturally kick in to those who have been blinded by the feminist lies all around in our society.  They take on various degrees, forms, and manifestations.  I heard of probably the most severe one recently from a friend.  His little girl had a severe illness that required an extended hospital stay and some long-term treatment.  He and his wife have 7 other children, and his wife is a stay at home mother.  During the course of the hospital stay and treatment there were various levels of male and female healthcare providers that cared for the little girl-nurses, techs, medical students, fellows, interns, doctors, and specialists.  They each individually noticed a stark contrast among ALL the providers with one possible exception.  ALL of the male providers were very attentive, compassionate, and connecting with the little girl, making sure she was comfortable, asking if she needed anything, even what her doll’s name was.  ALL of the female providers (except possibly 1) were all business, cold, with no bedside manner.  They were stunned.  They asked a medical provider who also would be one to see things as they do from a religious and philosophical standpoint the reason for this contrast.  They were told that it is a clear defense mechanism.  Those women see a mother with a husband and many children and realize they are never going to have that kind of life.  They have accumulated so much debt and are so far into their commitment to their field that their job will be their life.

For Catholic women, it’s not supposed to be that way.  This situation is an outgrowth of a Western covetous culture that values possessions over people.  The contraceptive pill has destroyed the family fabric of our culture and is a fundamental tool of this lifestyle.  It is what robs a female of her womanhood.  When a female is sexually active she will normally eventually become pregnant.  That’s what healthy females do.  For a Catholic woman, this should only be within the loving permanent commitment of a marriage so that the child will be raised in a functional normal household with a mother and a father.  Pope Francis has said that children deserve this.  If she doesn’t become pregnant then something is wrong; she is said to be “infertile.”  Contraception is not medicine.  It makes healthy women sick and dysfunctional.  Females who mutilate their bodies by removing their reproductive organs DISABLE their womanhood.  This is an affront to God and His creation.    Feminists will actually come out and say that women are not meant to be “brood mares, always pregnant.”  What a disgusting way to refer to the transmission of human life, to give life to a soul.  Catholics need to realize when they are being told or are themselves telling evil maxims of the devil.  The Church has always elevated motherhood for married women and has always reinforced the primacy of bearing and raising children as the purpose of marriage.  When women follow the pagan trends of a culture, they move away from the principles advocated by Holy Mother Church and degrade themselves.

We want you to know that it is not only OK, but actually beautiful for women to be women.  Even further, it is VITAL for the culture to sustain itself.  In the past when my wife and I have prepared couples for marriage, we would tell them some of these things.  When telling us about themselves they would say the things they thought we wanted to hear and what society accepts as “responsible” like getting a degree and pursuing a career.  When we would reply with the facets of a genuine Catholic lifestyle, they actually seemed relieved as though they knew it all along and would be happy to pursue this lifestyle.  In most cases unfortunately, society and parental influence would override their natural inclinations (with the assistance of contraception).  We see this and hear about this regarding many Catholic parents.  I would just have to say to them to remember the words of the Lord with regard to the influence over children:  “It would be better for him if a millstone were put around his neck and he be thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.” (Luke 17:2)

God bless you.


Catholic Masculinity - Faith

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In this final segment of the Catholic Masculinity series, we discuss the matter of faith in a man's life, the aspect of faith as a gift, and then how faith relates to the reality and necessity of money.

Catholic Masculinity - Discipline

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In session 6 , we talk about Discipline including the practices of self-denial, self-control, and the virtue of temperance.  We must discipline ourselves first before we receive the fruits of our labors.


Please pardon my absence from the blog for the past few months, but we here at Fix the Family practice what we teach.  I have a highly seasonal occupation that “taxes” my time the first 4 months of the year as well as the end of every year, and my family is totally dependent upon my occupation for its sustenance so that my wife can tend to the higher matters of being a wife and mother in the home and is not distracted by outside employment.  Nevertheless, I am back.  Incidentally, this also comes at a time when my first book will be soon published and available to you, and that has occupied a great deal of my time with the Apostolate as well, in addition to the normal duties of being a husband and father for my wife and children.  Be sure to also LIKE our Facebook page and follow us there.  This is our principal marketing and outreach vehicle, and we are always posting and sharing relevant content there even during my busy seasonal time.  All is well at the Citadel I am happy to report, and we are progressing through life in dramatic fashion. 

That being said, my 3rd son is graduating from high school next month.  So, as has become a bit of a tradition in our family, we together went yesterday to acquire a cell phone for him, what I call a “not-smart phone,” or what he says is properly called a “basic phone.”   Yes, he is about to be 18 years old and is now getting his first cell phone which is not a smart phone.  Now I know that will strike the world with sheer amazement and disbelief, but this is part of the method to the process we have in raising our children.  No we do not go the way of the world, and by the time they get a cell phone, they really need one.  I realize that parents who send their children to school feel a justification for them having one, but I’m still not convinced about the need for smart phone except from a peer pressure standpoint which is not justifiable.  I can see no way in justifying the astronomical cost of a smart phone (principally the monthly data service charges) for what simply amounts to be a toy.  Strong deliberate parents should heed this example.  For those ADULT children still under my care (and roof) we’ve found a good compromise for those interested in the wireless data connectivity to be a non-phone device (i-pod touch) that uses wi-fi when available that won’t require monthly data service charges.

So we went to one of the big service providers yesterday, or several I should say, and picked up for him a non-smart/basic phone.  So the young lady who was probably in her early 20’s started asking questions.  She was complimentary in a parent bringing his son at nearly 18 years old to get a phone and not diving in to the i-phone 7 immediately.  I thanked her, and pointed out it is our method to gradually step into and through things of this nature more later than earlier.  She went on to say she had served a mother earlier in the day who was purchasing an i-phone 7 for her 12-year-old daughter, par for the course in America.  (Incidentally, I have never owned an Apple product more than a week [0 compatibility and 100% proprietary were my principal issues], but I was holding Apple stock when the i-phone first came out and made a killing.)  So, in her questioning she asked if he had a job.  He said “yes.”  She said that was good.  She asked who he worked for; he told her.  She said that was good.  I interjected with a question of if they were hiring.  That took her by surprise, and she hesitatingly said “Well…yes, but I believe you have to have a degree to work here.”  I was all astonishment.  I literally LOL’d (laughed out loud) in a cell phone outlet.  I said “WHAT?!  You have to have a degree to sell cell phones?”  Then I asked her “How do you use your degree in this job?”  She said frankly and matter-of-fact-ly “My degree has nothing to do with this job.  I was a political science/government major.”

BINGO! ladies and gentlemen.  Yes, graduation season is upon us and it give us a great opportunity to consider those profound points in our article 6 Reasons (+2) to NOT Send Your Daughter to College.   The value of a college degree has been severely depleted in addition to those 8 reasons, so much so that to work retail for some outlets it is “required.”  I know my son currently graduating from high school would easily be able to do that job quite proficiently since my brilliant wife has done such a magnificent job of educating him for the last 12 years. 

It turns out that the brilliant logic I presented in 6 Reasons, which obviously escaped many people (mostly women) and drew great vitriol and anger, was actually spot on.   A friend recently alerted me to a homily given by a devout Catholic Priest called The Errors of Russia:  Their Plan and the Plan of Heaven.  I encourage everyone reading this to stop here and listen to this homily.  It is less than 23 minutes long.  If that is too much to ask, I would say to start listening at about the 14:00 point.  Here he gets into warning the Catholic faithful of my Reason #2.  The homily is oriented around an over century-long process to destroy the Catholic Church carried out by Communists in conjunction with Masons.  Their 2-prong attack is to corrupt the Priesthood and corrupt women.  They are carrying out a revolution with the use of sexuality, thus the sexual revolution.  This was discovered by Masonic documents that were given to the Holy See in the 1800’s, and the popes ordered that the plans be published. 

Toward the corruption of women’s morals, it was noticed that it was very difficult to get women to compromise themselves alone.  But when placed in a group setting where the appearance was that all the women were sexually promiscuous, it became much easier.  One of the main settings where this was carried out was on college campuses.  Some key quotes that all Catholic parents should ponder regarding the decision to send their children to college are as follows:

  1. A student resident assistant (RA) at Loyola University in Chicago, a Catholic University, told her professor when he stated that sexual activity by the students was voluntary and not obligatory, “Doctor your are mistaken…The peer pressure, and the way things are set up make promiscuity practically obligatory.  It doesn’t matter what the school says officially; the rules are there to be broken.  This freedom can make girls dizzy and unsure about whatever else they believe about saving one’s self for marriage.  When it seems like everyone else is doing it, it is hard to say no.  I deal with it…everyday as an RA.” (17:90-18:30)
  2. In most American college co-ed dorms the flesh of our daughters is being served up daily like snack jerky. The gates are wide open, and no guards have been posted.  (18:30-19:05)
  3. The sex carnival that is college life today is also doing great damage to our sons’ characters.  I’m witnessing a perceptible dissipation of manly virtue in the young men I teach.  I’m prepared to ask whether America might not be lost because a great middle class was persuaded that they must send their children to college with no questions asked when in fact this is the near equivalent of committing their sons and daughters to one of the circles of Dante’s Inferno.  Lenin is absolutely right.  The success of a revolution depends on the degree of participation by women.   (19:05-19:41)

You see in my initial article, there is no sexism there.  What I was saying is reflected in these points made by a devout Priest.  Now the most common objections to the article we received from Catholics were 2-fold.  First, parents claimed that they were sending their daughters to college “just in case” they were abandoned or widowed.  So the claim was that they would just get a degree for the purpose of being “educated” but then not get a job and instead commit themselves to their families.  However, we can see that this rarely actually happens because they feel they need to make use of the degree that they worked so hard to get.  They further justify this saying a recent pope said that women’s contribution to society is necessary.  So is it worth offering their flesh up to undeserving college boys “just in case” and to contribute to society?  Parents this must be considered.  There are other ways to replace income in the case of a loss.  Are we that covetous that we have to sacrifice our morals in order to attempt ensure an income.  Doesn’t the Church place poverty above immorality?   Maybe a family would have to struggle.  There is great virtue in that.  Are women so prideful that they insist they must make a “contribution” to society and sacrifice their prime childbearing years?  Parents, think on these things.

Then the other common objection is why I did not apply these objections to boys.  Well, many of those objections do apply except that men and women are as different as our anatomies.  Our place in life bears that out.  Husbands are tasked with providing for their families.  In some cases a degree is necessary.  When it is, extreme caution should be taken when embarking upon this reality.  Commuter colleges and community colleges are much better settings for young Catholic men who MUST get a degree for the vocation to which God is calling them.  But as for women, the common justifications are just plain false.  The young ladies end up losing their purity, getting their degrees, and entering the workforce.  They get married eventually, and their husbands are not manly enough to know their wives should not work.  They depend on both incomes so their childbearing is further suppressed. 

Catholics, understand the Communists' plan has been orchestrated and executed quite successfully.  The average Catholic’s lifestyle is just as pagan as the world’s.  The problem is that most Catholics are doing nothing to resist it but are diving headlong into it by way of their children.  It’s time to wake up and realize Catholics really are called to be different and not conform to the ways of the world.  Or you could just go with the flow and watch your child get a prestigious job selling cell phones at Verizon.

God bless you+